The TW Suite (album) All in a Day's Dance (ebook)

"A visionary work...An exciting piece [of music] that takes the listener on a real journey...Compelling modern classical piece that encompasses strong melodic contact and great musical movement - never a boring moment." -Jason Miles, New York based grammy award winning musician/producer


A hungry heart sees why two is one in this creative game.

There is one who makes music
while the other pretends.

A beautiful battle of circumstance
where the winner makes amends.

Get your game on
1. Pick a playing piece (hear the playlist)
2. Match the music to the circumstance (see the dynamics of their connection)
3. Find the character combination (colour the scenario)
4. Cue the playing pieces in the theatre (generate the repertoire)
5. Convert the creative game to complete the cyber tale (package the ebook and music)

Essential traits (Music playing pieces)
Exuberant Innocent Reflective Dominant
Hopeful Sea-change Enigmatic Engaging
Adventurous Bold Kindly Indelible
Purposeful Fanciful Peaceful Jocular
Enchanting Easy Whimsical Composed

Theatre - Field of Play

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