1. Play the abbreviated music and start off on the right note to laugh without question.
2. One blue note button fits the music to a scenario snippet. A dynamic red note button awaits the longer version of the story and music.
1) Although Truchsia gained her freedom, the aftermath of shame and heartache remained.

On one particular occasion, Truchsia reclined on her couch, trying to put everything into a satisfying perspective. A voice came out of the blue, “That’s right! You could’ve been somebody.”

It was Suite Rebus. He struck a poignant chord on the piano, tickling her sense to the point of laughter.

2) His presentation was complete, though not sequential. It was an amusement for him and Truchsia was completely agonized.

He looked at her earnestly. “You aren’t exempt from life’s taxes, my love. Don’t forget though – you still owe me.”

3) “Who I am? What am I? Snollygoster, doppelgänger, buttinsky, etc. Take your pick. You will always be wrong.”

“Jape!” Truchsia snapped. He resumed playing the rollicking music.

While you are thinking catch the petal.

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