Add music from The TW Suite to the story

Open the portfolio
1. Play the abbreviated music and start off on the right note -
an echo when the one making music hears harmony.

2. One blue note button fits the music to a scenario snippet. A dynamic red note button awaits the longer version of the story and music.
1) Music from the evening’s concert was echoing through Truchsia’s mind, on her way home. She often rearranged stirring phrases from the repertoire, to counterpoint with her own melodies for fun. Tuchsia envisioned herself as a performer of beautiful dances and became an expert at drawing the characters, keeping them in a secret portfolio for only her to see.

2)“That’s your Uncle Bert playing,” her dad often mentioned while listening to his favorite recordings. “Bert played in a European symphony you know – the music of Dimitri Shostakovich, one of the greatest Soviet composers!” Truchsia continued with her violin lessons out of a desire to realize her true musical personality.

3) Truchsia seemed to be quite natural at the art form and enjoyed it, but her greatest developments came when she moved to a community where a ballet teacher named Miss Caverly had a small academy. Miss Caverly poured her heart and soul into her most willing students.

While you are thinking catch the petal.

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