1. Play the abbreviated music and start off on the right note to make music out of a window of opportunity.
2. One blue note button fits the music to a scenario snippet. A dynamic red note button awaits the longer version of the story and music.
1) If anybody had any idea of what was going on inside of her emotionally, they would see an intricate blueprint for a breakthrough. Even though her move to the big city was her best choice, she had many challenging adjustments ahead of her. She orchestrated her ideas secretly.

2) Im a guitarist, Truchsia said. I started teaching myself how to play one, and took some lessons when I moved to the city. The violin was my first instrument though.

Truchsia was thinking of her drawings.

3)I am thrill, pleasure, or anything else you long for. Youve made it clear you want to know me, now that youre developing a new taste for adventure. He held his gaze. "Just remember all of your ideas are actually my ideas for you to enjoy!

I will be springing them on you as a surprise one piece at a time!

While you are thinking catch the petal.

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