A Creative Literature and Music Challenge
by L.R. Lane

One letter is a real character
outside the book
taking music, dancing and life to a whole new level.

Creativity with a capital F.

A letter for newsletters like no other newsletters is much more than it is cracked up to be.

F hangs around in every part of a challenge.

The dancer must tell her story extremely well because the composer knows how dreams and platitudes are impossible to sell.

She describes a young girl studying ballet and music fastidiously, saying, "Here is a real chance. If one character pervades sententiously it would be the making of a dance."

The composer is perceptive and focuses.

However the dancer's pitch with the character F, dynamic and highly unpredictable, leads the savvy artist on a bold excursion far beyond the trite domain of everything familiar.

He took on the challenge and boiled it down to a catalyst.

experience + emotion + (F) = music

Simple pictures describing his journey accompany a series of five writings. Find clues to the music and collect points. Pat yourself on the back for your achievement!

However, the music must be real to wrangle with F and transform everything into a terpsichorean metaphor.

The whole thing wraps up in the second group of writings (fourteen). Circumnavigate the letter F to collect more points in the Medium newsletter series.


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