All in a Day's Dance

Truchsia's Tomorrow - Epilogue

by L.R. Lane

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Written for "All in a Day's Dance" 2010 Lane & Lane

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What once was a simple piano composition grows up, joins a band, then "Truchsia's Tomorrow" blossoms into a bright orchestration of freedom.
It is often said that everything happens for a reason therefore even a fictional story should have a degree of rationality, an opinion formed and a conclusion drawn - so the result of reading All in a Day's Dance can now be put to the test.

Victor Winbuckle displayed curious behavior and although there are probably factors from his childhood which can be blamed for his shortcomings it is better to know how he shaped Truchsia's direction in life.

He had financial gains through selling vital trade secrets of a high-tech firm and it caused a man named Colton Fergatroy to investigate the theft. He came very close to connecting Victor to the trade secret caper by searching through bank records. Truchsia's high school sweetheart Nick was a Fergatroy and when Victor saw the name on the return address of his letter he worried. Nick is not a relative of Colton, but Victor's paranoia was so intense that he was hiding all of the time.

If Winston Whiedler had been more like Francois - i.e. street savvy - he would likely have stayed married to Truchsia - at least for a while longer than he did. A man calling himself Viticus Randall made his acquaintance one day and claimed to know the whereabouts of a valuable heirloom that belonged to someone in the Whiedler family and offered to provide Winston with details regarding the item.

"There will be a small fee for the information," he said and he also said he would charge a fee for delivering the valuable piece to Winston. Mr. Randall also offered to broker the sale of the possession to a wealthy collector if Winston wanted to sell it.

"May I please speak to Viticus Randall?" asked Truchsia after calling the number of the man Winston said was going to bring him closer to his family roots. She suspected there was something wrong after reading about a heartbreaking scam showing up around town.

"This is Mr. Randall speaking," the man responded.

"I'm calling on behalf of my husband Winston about a Whiedler family heirloom," said Truchsia. "Of course," said Viticus.

"It's an honor to be working for your husband. Summa' say we do a whole lot more than guild a lily around here at our company." The phrase "summa' say" was a dead giveaway that Viticus Randall was actually a Cramp behind another scam. His school teachers tried to correct Randall Cramp's hayseed habit of always using "a say" and Truchsia's disgust resurfaced as she remembered him saying to his brother Frankie, "Always woo your prey with a bouquet of gilded lilies".

Even though it took some doing to adjust a life without Winston, Trucshia never really missed being with him. She did however regret not being able to take her involvement with Sergio to a higher level and she would likely never have met Winston if Sergio was the one. He was flawless in her eyes until she learned that he is the son of Fernando and Samantha Sanchesca.

Samantha's maiden name is Sterling and she owns the health and fitness center where her son works as a photographer. He is naive and well-suited to Ruby Jansen, the one Truchsia saw leaving his apartment while slipping Sergio's Rolex watch into her purse and talking on her cell phone on her way down the hall. "Omigod, he even smells like a freaking Ferrari buck-naked, if you know what I'm saying! What a score!" she said probably to a female friend.

Truchsia was capturing the event on her own cell phone camera thinking that the evident theft of Sergio's valuable watch confirmed that Ruby was up to no good, but actually Sergio had given it to Ruby to take to her grandfather for him to repair its cracked crystal - Ruby's grandfather being an experienced jeweler. Truchsia vowed to get even with Ruby by showing Sergio the recorded evidence.

"Do dinner again?" Sergio said when she called him up hoping he would think it was like old times and as she expected he made reservations at a popular restaurant. "You think Ruby is using me?" said Sergio across the dinner table obviously unconcerned. "I'm just a guy with a terrific mother who keeps the lease paid up on my car. She makes sure I always have the best," and at that point it became clear to Truchsia that his sterling image was all that mattered to him and she gave up hoping that he would appreciate her more than casually. She remembered Charles Zephra once saying to her, "The chemistry of a relationship can be complex," and since he was an award-winning astrophysicist who always examined the details of every problem - especially if he saw it as a benefit to others she thought about that seriously.

Charles was the discoverer of a chemical element named after him cezonite - or CZ and he had been a senior member of a team of top scientists on a mission to investigate a recorded meteorite crash in the high Atlas Mountains just south of Marrakesh in Morocco. They found scattered fragments of a solid rock like material embedded in the snow near the mountaintop and the material had a dazzling brilliance making it easy to spot, but it caused the scientists to fear it somewhat. Some of the Moroccan people who had witnessed the space-rock crashing claimed that the event gave magical power to a few and their village. They believed that at least one of their people was transformed into a spiritual entity possessing special musical skill with the ability to transport himself to any part of the world in the name of peace and harmony. Truchsia always thought about Charles and his great hope for the future and while relaxing and gardening in the sun one day she accidentally knocked one of her flower pots onto its side and discovered a small piece of paper stuck to the bottom of it.

The pot was one that her mother owned and when she peeled the paper off of it she saw the return address from the envelope containing the letter sent to her by Nick on it. Her father had hidden it under the pot when he heard Truchsia approaching the house, so once she able to replace her moment of anger with gratitude that Nick had been true to his word and had tried to contact her from college years ago she tracked down his whereabouts. He had become a sports writer.

She sent him a message by a email inviting him to look her up if he was ever in town and soon afterward an envelope arrived at her apartment containing a plane ticket to St. Lucia with a note saying "See you there". Trucshia seized the opportunity and when she set foot on the golden sand of Pigeon Island and the sight of Nick relaxing on a large blanket beside a picnic basket was an unbelievable thrill that she knew could never happen again.
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