One Character from All in a Day's Dance


Find him smack-dab
in the middle of it all


The solution to finding what is real and true is always available in spite of boundless complex variables to those who look for it and is the topic addressed here in this brief tale.

The miniature man in the palm tree laughs at this book with its own web design. To him, the never before fictional mix with a word play setting is merely a playground.

Claiming the letter 'F' makes him think he has the skill to appear wherever and whenever he likes. In other words, to him every sphere of influence should become fair game.

Perhaps the music field will give him potential, even a concert group to emulate. However, he does not like to play second fiddle - especially not to a book.

The Design
Earnest eyes can spot the flaw in his camouflage though - a word chosen as a perfect place to hide before it becomes a literary guacamole. When it is in, it is to be unseen. Take it out. No one notices.

It is his perfect setup. However, his muse alters him from a disorganized version of the truth to a capital mess and gives him the name Farrago, then proceeds to organize everything to make music to the ears.

The plan to take him out of the picture plays beautifully into his hands. He can let the music and the story write itself, then strike.

The Manifestation
The next move - drop 'f' out of a 'few bites' to make a 'website', so this connoisseur of hindsight in the tree can never feast on the past and fix this game.

Pages of ideas fly and only the sharpest can win in this preposterous battle, so now in plain sight, the flaw in his camouflage, the obvious sixth letter 'f' is up for grabs.

It is a tough choice to put it 'in use' to 'infuse' into a website or hang it out among the many spheres.

It would be more than literary guacamole if its fiction turned into function - music by now perhaps.

At last, creativity! 😀

Regardless, the scoffing becomes louder.


Still trying to horn into music, this emotionless know-it-all has no clue where he stands.

Wait! His hindsight only sees the back end.

What is the one word this character knows nothing about?

It comes through crystal clear that yours is bright when you spell it out, dancing to the rhythm of your soul.😀

Always stay a step ahead.

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