One Character from All in a Day's Dance


Find him smack-dab
in the middle of it all


The solution to finding what is real and true is always available in spite of boundless complex variables to those who look for it and is the topic addressed here in this brief tale.

The miniature man in the palm tree laughs at this book with its own web design. To him, the never before fictional mix with a word play setting is merely a playground.

With the skill to appear and reappear, as a saboteur, he claims the letter 'F' to, in other words, orchestrate emotions within many spheres of influence.

He knows only earnest eyes will see the flaw in 'camouflage' when it changes to a literary 'guacamole' due to letter six.

When it is in, it is hardly noticed and out it is unseen.

The Design

What a setup, but if he can get unscrambled and away from the capital mess into a disorganized version of the truth, to be known by the name Farrago, it will be music to the ears.

He drops 'f' out of a 'few bites' and a 'website' appears for this connoisseur of hindsight to feast on the past, perched in the tree, waiting for the tale to write itself while pages of ideas fly.

Only the sharpest catch on to this variable.

The Manifestation

The obvious sixth letter 'f', in plain sight, is up for grabs to be 'in use' to 'infuse' into the website and hang out among the spheres 'til fiction turns into function - far beyond literary guacamole if the letter alters old notes turning 'into ear worms' to be 'a new suite form'.

Preposterous as it sounds, it is truly instrumental - an emotional ensemble called The TW Suite (on Bandcamp.)

One word on the bright side welcomes this character with its many twists and turns. Do you know what it is?😀

Hint: It is yours to envision.

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