All in a Day's Dance (ebook)
The TW Suite (music)

The story stands alone and the playlist is easily downloaded
one piece at a time or as a complete album.
However, they work together as one for exceptional drama and emotion
extending beyond the limits of ordinary perception.

The chapter titles match the song titles.


"All in a Day's Dance by L.R. Lane brilliant read! Love your writing style.

Value seems to be directed by the momentum and vastness of context.

Creativity then becomes an opportunistic dance with changing realities."

-Newsletter comment from Josh Pillay from Newsletter Creators (01March2021)

"A visionary work...An exciting piece [of music] that
takes the listener on a real journey...Compelling
modern classical piece that encompasses strong
melodic contact and great musical movement -
never a boring moment."
-Jason Miles, New York based grammy
award winning musician/producer



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