Who's Who

   They all played a role.

    Truchsia Winbuckle - daughter and aspiring creative artist

    Victor Winbuckle - insecure father of two

    Nick Fergatroy - faithful high school boyfriend

    Winston Wheidler - adoring music fan and eventual husband

    Francois Benoit - hotshot schemer/entrepreneur

    Aunt Minnie - a free spirited independent spinster

    Gladys Winbuckle - caring, loyal mother and sister to Minnie

    Randall Cramp - a habitually delinquent citizen of the community

    Charles Zephra - elderly mentor and accomplished scholar

    Sergio Franchesca - bright young photographer, son of a successful cosmetic guru

    Ruby Jensen - opportunistic co-worker

    Farrago - the antagonist and an enigma a.k.a Rebus

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