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Everyone is influenced by something


Look for the miniature man in the palm tree - the hindsight connoisseur, perched, waiting for the story to write itself.

Such an invention is never satisfied playing second fiddle.

The Design
She planned for success – Farrago would at least require culture, charisma, and a variety of special skills. His connections with experts in the field of “heavy hitters” should mean that he relates to independent wealth. He will need to understand everything there is to know about theater life and dancers, and know music like it is second nature.

However, she must conquer all of her spheres and know their influence.

The Manifestation
“My music will take you on an excursion of self-discovery and titillation. I’ve been keeping track of your guilty pleasures and your deep need for me. We’ll become much more than trivial make believe and hopes – our collaboration will be a stunning display of perfect harmony.”

However, he must prove he is worth more than sugar coated promises.

Welcome to All in a Day's Dance, a website based on a story where creativity grows from absurdity when pivotal lessons in life lead an artistic inventor to find a formula for making dreams come true. She turns a hodgepodge (farrago) into a valuable instrument which resolves itself to be one letter 'F'.

Practical insight surpasses novelty in this story All in a Day's Dance where chapter titles and The TW Suite music song titles fit together.

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