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Welcome to All in a Day's Dance, a website based on a story where creativity grows from absurdity when pivotal lessons in life lead an artistic inventor to find a formula for making dreams come true. She turns a hodgepodge (farrago) into a valuable instrument which resolves itself to be one letter 'F'. Longing to be a star in the real world it emerges to redefine itself.

Come onboard with confidence to where practical insight surpasses novelty and the unusual story All in a Day's Dance (chapter titles) and The TW Suite music (song titles) fit together.

The team for this original creative production focuses on giving audiences a secure, rewarding online environment for exploring the All in a Day's Dance website.

Evolving over several years it has become a distinguished internet adventure with unprecedented creative challenges and variety.

Its quality is enhanced through trusted and proven sites such as Goodreads (an ebook trailer), Bandcamp (mp3 music albums), Medium (newsletter theme expansions), Instagram (overview video), Scoop-it (field related articles) and All in a Day's Dance is available for purchase through familiar online ebook outlets namely Amazon Kindle ebooks, Barnes & Noble and Kobo (Rakuten).

Enhance your website experience by navigating through colorful buttons for things such as an ebook trailer, reviews, a synopsis, mp3 music, thought-provoking newsletters, and trivia.

After reading the ebook and experiencing the music an epilogue of behind the scenes facts even the protagonist does not know tops everything off - no, it is not a spoiler.

Get started now and be aware that an irresistible character resides alongside every challenge as the unknown becomes something bigger and better than anything planned out.

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